Thursday, 29 May 2008

Plasters aren't enough

Am pooped!!

Walking up and down to Mother's twice a day, in the rain,  with nutty dog in tow is hard work.  Ginger Nut is still with us.  I may have found her a new home:o)..although she has predictably  taken a shine to me; we're a bit like 'Me and my shadow!' at the mo.  Never leaves my side and is wrapped round my feet as I type..which is very handy if my feet are cold.  She has never been left on her own and so howls for England if you attempt to leave the house without her,  so she has a bucketful of doggy counselling coming her way!!

Mother is recovering.  For the gross details...look away now!  

She was changing a dressing from her fall and the by now tiny, tiny wound decided to explode and squirt the old red stuff EVERYWHERE.  She couldn't stop the bleeding, hence the ambulance guys and doctor.  They think it was a burst vessel.   So, she's resting...still muttering that the end is nigh and all that.  Sigh.

The doctor who treated her was really lovely and caring.   Told her to "get a decent GP"!  Think he is obviously hinting that she should change GP's as the one she has is crap.  Should've looked after her a bit more, especially after a fall and gotten a nurse to change dressings.  I tend to agree with him.  The more time I spend around the elderly, the more annoyed I get as to how some are left to cope when they are too vulnerable or weak...or ill.

Anyway, I'm looking at a sea of eyes and heart is sinking at the thought of having to rehome some of them.  Which ones?  They all have lovely, different personalities and quirks.  Would it be too much for Mother to live with this lot.  Or, maybe not?  Perhaps it would give her something to do, something/one to care for/ nag at again.  She is lonely.  Perhaps my beasties will rid her of such feelings and share the lurve!!

This morning we were faced with a breakfast dilemma.  Not much fresh food in the house due to weekend visitors.  Worse still.....  no teabags!  Well, that isn't strictly true.  We have teabags, but of the Darjeeling type.  Not my cuppa tea!!  Not much milk either, so pancakes are out.  Junior pipes up that she would like to juice some of our fruit.  So, onwards.  She wants orange juice.  Out with the Jack le Lanne juicer, brushes dust off and away we go.  This is a biggish juicer and you are supposed to be able to put big bits of fruit n veg in, sometimes not even having to cut them down.  So, we do the oranges.  Lovely smell and colour.  Eager little fingers grab the glass and  J proceeds to sip away:o))    Uh oh...face not happy.  Apparently, you can taste the skin and pith.  Bugger!!  So, I tries it and...yes...'tis true.  Slaps forehead...why didn't I peel the fruit?  Of course it's going to taste like that...plonker!   She suggests putting a drop of sugar in.  Ok.  Sips again.  Gah!  Can't taste the orange for the skin.  Soooo, what to do with it?  The 'waste not want not, consumption rebel' in me is not putting it down the sink.   Recipe books are out and we are looking!!!...maybe for a vego version of Chicken a l'Orange.  Maybe orange muffins.  Shall see.

Why are juicers such a pain to wash after use?

I made myself a carrot, apple and ginger juice.  Overdid it with the ginger somewhat, but at least it's cleared the old sinuses!!!  Haven't posted pics up of these as I'm sure you can imagine what a glass of juice looks like:o)  lol

Junior is watching Lost in Translation.   Has said that she would like to learn about all things Japanese.  She sort of mentioned it a while back but never pushed it.  French took over for a while (was easier to find French language course) and I think my version of sushi put her off!   So, we are on with it.     

Well....I'm surveying the scene.  Housework neglected, yet again, for the more important things in life.  What to do..housework or hunter-gathering ...aka food shopping?    Ah...grub wins every time:o))

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