Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Potting, Mad Weather and Popeye's Lost Treasures.

Been setting seeds today.  I know that we are about 6 weeks late, but you never know..British weather all cocked-up as it is, maybe we will get some little plantlings to put on the allotment.

The goodies!!

Junior's allotment/gardening diary

This activity is straight forward, isn't it?  But, how come we always end up with stuff all over?   Potting compost seems to migrate everywhere.  All over patio..gets walked into the house...sigh....  Would be much easier if we had a greenhouse.....and now we have!!!!   Woo Hoo.   Up on the allotment, that is and it has some glass missing...thanks to the earthquake rumblings that we had a few  months ago, but still it's a greenhouse:o)  My mate has let me have one of hers.  Us girlies stick together:o)  Yay!!  She gets hassle too, from the old boys, so we give as good as we get nowadays.

Must remember to go see Organic Walt, the 70yr young allotment association sales person/wheeler dealer today, to make sure that the 90 beetroot plantings I ordered a while back are still mine when the time comes and haven't been commandered by 'them 'tuthers' who didn't have the foresight to put an order in when they should have.  90 beetroot plantlings = fairly big bed = wants clearing and digging!  Can feel that aching back already.  lol  Organic Walt has a mischievous streak and has a habit of teasing me, saying that I have 'ages' yet before any plantings I may have ordered need to go in the plot. "Four weeks?" I'll ask.  He'll nod and then two weeks later tell me that they really need to go in now!!   Anyway, apparently I have at least three weeks before these will be that from another source:o))  

Junior and I have dug out another bed and put shallots in.  Pea and bean beds next.  J's favourite:o)  Scarecrow will go up soon.    Think she is appreciating how hard it is, this allotmenteering/veg/fruit growing.  Apart from knowing where her food comes from, I want her to understand how hard the little people in this business work and that they should, therefore, be given a fair price for their produce.  Fair profits for all!!  Little business v big supermarket, good quality v mass produced, etc.  So we're going to do a project on our veg growing.  Treat it like a business and see what profit we can make if we actually sold the stuff (we're not going to) just to experience how difficult it is to make a living.    She's enjoying it, anyway.   I reckon that she'll still want to run a refuge centre for animals and have a craft and jewellery business when she's older, though:o)  

The Changed Man!

This morning..early start.... we took Popeye to the vets.  He's come back a changed cat:o))  So, lots of tlc for a bit....and no smelly, oinky male odours or chance of std:o))  Took him via the bus....and he weighs a ton for such a sleek animal!  It gave me a workout, anyway, carrying him plus it's been so hot today.  Too hot.  Where's Alaskan weather when you need it?  lol    Anyway, he's recuperating upstairs and is obviously a little wobbly.  He seems to bear me no ill at the moment.  Vet nurse told me how they remove the little 'treasures'.  Winced as she told me.  All that through a tiny incision.   No wonder he's swollen....  And no stitches.   Eeeew!   Poor little fella.

Molly sunbathing.  She looks proper evil on this pic, but she's actually very sleepy 'cos I made her sit up and she wanted to snooze in the sun.  Last time I believe my sister when she asks me if I'd like a little jack russell puppy!!

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