Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Mum and Pets

Sorry for shell-shocked post.

I have just had a phone call from a paramedic who is at my mother's flat.

Turns out that the fall she had last week is still haunting her.  She injured her calf at the front and it was cut open.  It was a bit of a mess and the doctor, when we went to visit, didn't seem too bothered!!  I thought it was healing.  Anyway, tonight, Mother decided to take the plaster off to clean the wound and the wound bled.... a lot....hence paramedics out.  She is ok and being sorted out.  Leg is elevated, etc.

So, enough farting about.  She has to come and live here.  Can't be doing with strangers ringing me in the middle of the night saying she is ill but she's ok.  Mother keeps telling me that she is near the end and I keep telling her to stop being so stupid!!      Major declutter about to commence to accommodate her stuff!!

And this dozy Government is trying to force lone parents back to work, irrespective of what caring/educational, etc duties they have.  Madness.  Being a lone parent/carer does not automatically mean you are a parasite.  Far from it.  We save the taxpayers an absolute fortune.

Before I got the call I took piccies of some of the pets chilling out.

They like the stairs, for some reason.  They can see what's going on.  Sorry for the cricked neck!!

Olive chilling on expensive slub sofa
GingerNut (here on "in season" vacation)...obviously used to the pampered life...and Cilla..posing
Popeye...keeping an eye on the pooches:o))..looking bleary eyed, though!!

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Grit said...

good luck with mum there! she sounds like she needs some cheering up.