Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Been decluttering.  Don't all faint at once:o))  lol

Bloke came to the door at the weekend and asked to buy our 'been stationary too long and can't afford to run them anyway' cars.    Deal done.  We now have a nice, spacious (but boring) front bit.  Mother has plans for this...a la potted flowers, etc.

So, from Saturday the cars were no longer mine, as the bloke paid there and then.  Today, he collected his papaps.  Had to smash the windows, though, to get his grabbing chain in so he could lift the cars onto his truck.  Next doors don't seem too pleased, but that was not of my doing.  The car bloke swept up next doors bit, but neighbour slammed about a bit.  At least his mess was cleared up for him.  My shed is only just recovering from being flooded out by his swimming pool water!!

Bye bye car!

I used the cars as a 'storage facility'. lol books and other bits. Junior discovered her old ELC organ and insisted that she has it back. Been plonking away at her tunes and chords all afternoon. Bless.

Been at Geography today. Equator, Tropics, hemispheres, climates, etc. Asked what she wanted to do next? You guessed.....maths!!! lol

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Grit said...

the word papaps brought a smile here! the kids never used this word. they do, however, routinely say par cark. now, so do i.

and i bet your front looks better!

(your house, not your chest).