Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Trendy niece is due up for a visit..she from the seaside:o))  Come to give elderly aunt some moral support re red tape.  lol   Actually, we are not that far apart age-wise and and get on very well.  I sort of looked after her when she was younger and she views me as a sort of mum.    Anyway, she is having Fred n they can enjoy a cat-free the seaside, too:o)  I don't want them to go, but it'll be safer for them.  Niece is an animal person, too.  She'll rescue anything going and initially opened my eyes to the vegan world.   She and hubby have a whole array of animals, including ferrets, pig, all manner of furry creatures, mostly rescued.  She's tough, because she's had to be,  but has a big heart.  She's practical, too.  Not a clutter person, hates boredom.  She's a 'get on with it' sort of person.   Rolls her eyes sometimes at my hippy/bohemian antics and way of life.   I just pat her on the head, smile and remind her that she IS slowly turning into me...just look at all the animals she's collecting for a start. lol 

Niece and great niece. Peas in a pod:O)) Great niece looking suitably embarrassed.   Tee hee.   I've got an even cheesier one I could put on..Sod it, I will. 

I actually think it's a lovely piccy.   I'm in for an ear-bashing if they see this!! lol  Am pretty safe, though, as family don't read my blog.  Not trendy enough.  Suits me:o))   I can get away with allsorts then.  lol

Home ed...we are attempting music today.  Recorders.  As a youngster I played in a youth orchestra and sang in the choir.  Junior isn't showing such musical interest so I'll be teaching her how to play the recorder, read music, etc in the hope that she'll 'get' the beat.  lol   Am sure she'll bring the maths into it, somehow:o)    When I was in primary school, my friends and I used to perform little musical numbers in the school playground at break times.   Music was the best part of school for me.  That and sport.  All the rest just seemed to be bullying and bitching, especially once at senior school.  Anyway, shall see how we get on.  Does she have the 'beat' or not?  lol   We may have a little acoustic problem in that the pooches 'sing' to recorder playing:o)  Bless.   Other funny animal quirks...Fred n Wilma budgies like to watch tv.  So did Syd and George rabbits.  Funny, eh? 
Syd. He was a character:o) Now buried by the wishing well. xx

Aren't they alike?....Junior and middle niece. She's a cheerleader and also a javelin thrower and training hard to get into the team for the London Olympics, hopefully. She's as slim as anything so lord know where she gets the strength from to throw such distances?  Technique...I am told:o))

Junior and I mucking about on PhotoBooth. We spend hours on here:o)) We have some hilarious shots on here as you can distort the images in all sorts of ways.  Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to put some up.  Dunno what I was "Hmmmming" about on this one for, though.

Oh..and ack!! The Carry On capers going on in our house.

The mogs are due at the vets soon to be 'fixed'. Until then, we have to deal with raging hormones, flying cats, an extremely amorous Popeye and sleep-deprived me. Ah!! can those mogs wail or what!! Don't know who is worse..Pop or Meg. Have tried locking them in separate rooms, but Olive (who obviously believes in free love) has mastered the art of opening ANY door in this house, so all they have to do is bribe the little madam and out they come!! Anyway, have now stumbled upon an idea and blocked off the cat flap to keep Romeo out and Juliet in:o))   Doh!  Why did I not think of this before?   Blame it on lack of sleep.  Am hoping for a little p & q now.

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those photo manipulation programs are great for eating up an afternoon and feeling creative in the process. please display the results!