Sunday, 3 August 2008


Been suffering with a bad back lately. It has more to do with lumpy Ikea mattress and wrought iron bed than jumping off any wardrobe! Has made me quite grumpy, especially with any hot weather. 'Tis hoped that I'm sorted enough for our jollies this week:o) The suitcase is of the trolley dolly style so I shouldn't have to lift much. Junior was packed...then spotted some clothes in her laundry basket that she HAS to take. So, been laundering big time.

This week entailed a bit of red tape crap which, hopefully, is now sorted. Also, seeing as I'm officially self employed, have been trying to get 'business' stuff sorted. Not enough hours in the day for that. Anyway, we ended up searching for materials and ideas. On our travels we were lucky enough to find this:o))

The lady who handed this in to sell was near to tears, apparently.   Poor Singer....victim of decluttering.  I wouldn't have let it go if it was me.  Now, there's a surprise!! 

We happened to pass an old-fashioned shop selling rolls of materials and sewing/upholstery basics..a sort of drapery/haberdashers ..which was fronted by a lovely, old bloke who couldn't help us enough. Proper old-fashioned good service. So, we trundled off home with this in the shopping trolley. Junior has been practising her straight lines and has altered some jeans which are now shorts. She tells me that she wants to make a patchwork cover, so we'll go back to that shop and buy some material (£1 a yard..can't go wrong!!) for her project. Good for her, I say. Plus, it's all eco electricity required...only a bit of maths and design. lol

Daughter also is one of those people who likes to swap the contents of her bedroom every couple of weeks!! She's at it now. She tells me that it's all in the pursuit of more space!! I have hinted that she might get on a little better if she went down the decluttering route...but she's determined to do it her way. She also wants to spruce up an old set of pine drawers that she's extremely fond of. I've suggested cream with a sanded down top, but she has decided she wants white with a sanded top to help with the illusion of space! Am quite proud of her colour choice. Beats pink, anyway!! Lots of elbow grease needed, but she's up for it. All we need is some of the dreaded hot weather!!
The before shot...will put a piccy up of the finished article.

Junior's stuff...mid swap about!  The nursing Mums having a change of scenery and breather:o))


Grit said...

and i hope you have a lovely time on your holidays! all home educators deserve at least 365 days of them, imho.

Brad said...

What a great old singer. Surprising how good it's cover looks.