Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Keeping tabs on Mother!

Mother has been on her travels, again. This time a coach visit to York with some of her cronies from the previous housing complex. Gave her the mother to mother talk about not overdoing it but, you know how it one ear..out the other!! lol Off she went Monday afternoon to stay at her mate's as pick up is there...20 miles away from home and at 8am Tuesday. Anyway, she has taken heed of my 'advice' and is stopping over at her mate's when they return and coming back Wed morning, so she can pace herself. She rings and tells where she is..touching base sort of thing so we don't worry as to where she is. Bit of a role reversal from my younger, partying, dirty stop out days! lol

So, we have been baby sitting her cat...Jimmy. We go down and feed and sort out, etc and keep him company for a few hours. He's an old lad now and mostly sleeps and eats, but he still likes company. We had him chasing some wool for a while, then off he went for another snooze..on her bed, curled up on her nightie:o) Sweet or what? It's a bit of a hike there and back and takes up half a day of our time. You'd think that we'd be as fit as a butcher's dog, with all the walking. lol

She was enthralled with the Minster and spent most of the time there so didn't have time to bring anything back for us. She's a bit old-fashioned always likes to bring back a momento of her visits...usually posh local honey and biscuits! Anyhow, she's tuned in to Junior and has told her that she can have the money instead and go buy some clothes! Junior is well happy:o) We are on a mission at the moment..trying to find shoes that fit her. Problem being one foot is half a size bigger than the other. So, determined to get her out of flip flop type shoes, looks like we'll be heading off to Clarks for proper fitting and purchase of expensive footwear!!

It absolutely bogged it down yesterday with thunderstorms, etc, so no visit was made to allotment land. The grass is quite high on the path side and needs sorting. Trouble is, I've got it into my head that there is a snake or two in there..lurking. Namely, an adder. Stupid or what? I know there are grass snakes about, mainly by the compost bins but we are in walking countryside land and these animals like to sunbathe. Eeek! Anyway, Junior is banned from wearing flatties and flip flops there until the land is sorted. Wish I could get her to wear those Caterpillar type boots, but we can't find any to fit her 'cos of this half size issue. So, in the meantime, we are a sight to be seen! Long trousers, thick socks, sturdy shoes/wellies. Trousers tied around the ankle so no pesky creature can crawl up and into wellies and cause havoc! My feet are sweating just at the thought of this. Maybe foot odour would put Mr/Ms Snake off? Shall have to google and see.

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Brad said...

If I remember corectly, don't snakes 'smell' with thier tongues? Maybe an off putting snake oil rubbed on the wellies might do the trick? Worth a google seach perhaps. Hope all is well.