Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mousey has moved in!!

Am knackered!!

Cat brought in mouse (very much alive and dandy) into the house at 4am yesterday.  Mouse escaped Olive's clutches (easy when half her mouth is wired up due to the Molly attack) and now mouse is residing somewhere behind one of my Ikea bookcases.  The mogs staked it out for the rest of the night and half the morning. I, obviously, did not sleep very well.  Mother laughed her head off when I told her and said that half the books will be sawdust this time next week!!

Sooo, we were on a mission to find a humane mouse trap so we can let the little fella go.....away from here.  lol

We got some stuff back from the allotment...goodies we weren't expecting because of the monsoon type weather we have been experiencing of late and thought everything had been drowned out. Anyway, we found HUMUNGOUS courgettes....and some cabbages, shallots and sprouts..which Junior inadertendly picked well before their time. Never mind.
The smallest (lol) courgette went into a vegan spag bog...which was very yummy.

Came back to find the 'leftovers' of one mouse at our back door:o(

Today we are planning on hitting the new leisure centre. Junior is in to the dance mat classes they are holding through the summer hols.

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