Friday, 22 August 2008


Sad day today.

Molly dog has gone to her new home.  I, of course, have been blubbing for the past week at the prospect of her going, even though 'tis the right thing to do for all.  She has a lovely new, cat-free home.   My eyes are HUGE and blood shot.  Real sex goddess material.

Son no 1 is on his way up from down cheer his old mother up.

Son no 2 has invited us to a barbie tomorrow.

The cats are REALLY happy.

Cilla is a bit quiet and, I suspect, missing her partner in crime.  Lots of tlc being heaped on her.  She gets on with the mogs.

She'll be busy tomorrow, 'cos brother Bobby dog is due to arrive at 11pm.

I just want world peace for my pet companions.  


dawny said...

Oh dear M , millions of hugs and sympathy, how very hard for you.

Minnie said...

Yes, it's the pits. Feels like a bereavement. But, in her new home she'll get loads of fuss, undivided attention and walks. It's the best thing for her.

Son no 1 took Junior and I out for retail therapy yesterday and I blubbed in Morrisons...going past the pet products aisle.

Grit said...


Minnie said...

Thanks, Grit:o)) x