Thursday, 14 August 2008


Found this   

"They can be found in surprisingly wet habitats during the summer months"  Eeeek....that's my allotment!!  Have this vision of said protected species (well, just my luck.. they would be, wouldn't they!!) moving in on our plot, carrying suitcase and family following  behind!!   They best leave my brassicas alone!!!

Wonder if Paul McKenna is busy this week?   nervous lol    

Now, I must start getting a grip!!!  I'll ask some of the locals if they've seen any.....lately.

We have bats frequenting our site.  Loads.  Don't mind them.  Wish they'd slow down a bit, as they whizz around, catching the bugs.  And badgers...who carry out midnight raids on any sweetcorn cobs that careless allotmenteers have not fenced off;  that vision makes me smile:o)    Some local foxes have bagged a right of way through our plot, too.  Probably on the hunt for any stray site hens and ducks. 

I hate flying,  snakes,  people fiddling with my hair and my feet being touched.   Eeeew!!   I'd be crap on I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!!

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Brad said...

Those all sound like normal phobias to me. And I share some of them with you - "stay away from my feet and out of my hair!"