Sunday, 31 August 2008

Teen Time

Junior is turning into a teenager before her time. "tis not fair. I'm not ready for all those hormones yet as I'm still recovering from her brothers'!!

She is declining my requests for her to wash and bathe, so bribery is the order of the day. Last week I spent a fortune on some Lush products...lots of yummy soap and lotions in the hope that these will entice her without threat of death from me! Today she has bathed; gave in to my monumental nagging! lol Been using this one in the bath. Oooops!!
Also, the penny seems to have dropped/sensible head has morphed re the puddy's hard work and all that. So, she is ready to let go and we are down to two to keep. nagging from me!

This morning she squealed with delight, 'cos she found Drake & Josh on one the free tv channels.  She loved them as a littlie...think it was the pranks that the sister, Megan,  got up to that appealed to her sense of humour. 

Back hurts!! All that strimming of allotmet using heavy gadget makes for aches and pains. Anyway, back for more of the same today. Am determined to get it sorted..this football pitch sized plot that we have and that others are coveting.

Came back with more bounty:o)) Runner beans and beetroot, plus a dislodged cabbage.

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