Sunday, 3 August 2008

Kitty Pics

Bart.  Looking remarkably clean for once.  Normally has half his dinner stuck around his hooter!!  Current favourite antic is to climb up your bare legs!!

Regal Henry, doing the crossing of paws thing.  He's a gentle little lad.  Likes looking out of the window.

Tinks aka Tinkerbelle.  Mad as a hatter.  Likes feet (ouch!)  Play partner of Bart.

Ringo..doing the cutie pose:o)  He's been Junior's favourite from the start.

LooLoo...takes a terrible photo. She's much fluffier in real life.  Likes swinging on the bars of the dog crate that they all sleep in at night.   Could fall asleep on a washing line!!

Kipping time:o) From top to bottom..Bart, Tinks and Regal Henry

4 out of 5 of Meg's lot. Just starting to take note of what's going on around them.

Honey. She's the one who sits and studies you...multi tasking..well, you can't go wrong cuddling a teddy bear, can you?


Ruth said...

Aww they are gorgeous!!!

Minnie said...

Yes, they are.

Guess who said we could keep one from each litter?
And guess who is currently down to the last ten!! lol

Brad said...

Makes me want to bury my nose in one of their furry little neck.

dawny said...

hiya , lurv the kitty pics - the little black ones are my faves.

did you get my email??