Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Stephen Stills

I'm trying to get a playlist on here again and am planning on regressing back to my youth and putting my fave tunes on from then!  lol

Does anyone have a link for Sugar Babe by Stephen Stills?  I do have it...err..but on LP.  It was an 'Our tune' years ago...with boyfriend who is now sadly deceased.  I suppose there must be some sort of software that allows you to copy off the LP, on to a disc, on to the computer...which is an iMac...and which will cost an absolute fortune.

I have googled Sugar Babe..just don't ask what came up!!  lol   

Junior is on with a bit of writing...predictably about the mogs.  She still thinks she's going to get me to agree to keep them all and is under the illusion that her pocket money will pay for all their dietary needs!  Bless.   She's not best pleased with the "on holiday from school and very loud  Kid from Hell next door', who water pistols the older cats when they sit on the shed or fence.  This activity, it seems, is with his parents' consent.  It seems he's tired of burdening their LOTS of caged up rabbits with the same fate!!  Anyway, if Junior could send a hex his way, she would!!  In fact, I bet she's already sent a whole barrage,  going on how his clothes don't seem to fit anymore!! 

New fence will be going up soon, too.  With added trellis....spikey, if possible!!  lol

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