Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Cuddling Cherubs

Aaaay!! We're off on holiday soon:o)) Plenty of sea air where we're going:o)) And......LOADS of craft shops with lots of sales on. There's a Knitting Club, too!! Plus, I am going to be introduced to bingo. Eeek!

Junior and I have never been on holiday. How sad is that? Never been able to afford it. The boys always had one. They went on annual camp with the Boys Brigade until they left college, but me and Junior, or is it Junior and I, never had one. We'll try and get away more often now.

Anyway, have managed to get bro to babysit our menagerie while we're away. He'll get bored no doubt and so will probably embark on the 'To Mend' list....which is quite long. Yippeeee!!!! I might get a working back last...and allotment fenced off AND washing machine seal fixed, so I can chuck away the blue tack.... no more leaks:o) Yabbadabbadoo!!!!

Junior is already packing. Decisions, decisions.....what to take? Going by what she wants/thinks she needs to take, one of those trunks that Harry Potter has for his stuff may be required. Lol. I have explained that she will have to lug some of the luggage and so she's now attempting to downsize. Have to giggle. She's so blumming organised and is currently lecturing me, as I type, on how to pack properly:o)) "Do it neatly!! And, most importantly, take lots of undies and don't forget the make up." lol I'll try not to forget towels:o) I like my own. Gratuitous photo coming up.

Popeye's favourite 'perch' at the moment....cuddling the cherubs:o))


dawny said...

gosh Popeye looks so like our Isaac.
Hope you have a fantastic holiday :) xx

Brad said...

Thanks for stopping by Dear.

Take good warm coats if your goiing to the sea. It's always colder then I expect no matter what the month.

Have a great time.