Friday, 8 August 2008

Rant - Language, Timothy!!

Allotment politics have surfaced, again!!   You wouldn't believe what hassle a bunch of old blokes with nothing better to do than interfere on your patch can cause.   Bloody Chum Club.   Arghhhhhhh!!!   

Pillocks!!!  Really, they are.  Anyway, what goes around comes around..and all that.

Wish I had a big enough garden to grow my own in, instead of having to endure that lot.  Sigh.....

In the meantime, shall have to install a stress relieving boxing bag in the garden...just about got room for that.    


Gill said...

Ah, I was wondering about you and your allotment yesterday! What are they up to now?

My dad keeps telling me about fights over the committee lawnmower. And the committee rotavator, etc.. And when a delivery of manure is dropped off there's a wheelbarrow traffic jam as they all rush to get their 'fair share', LOL!

I swear it's keeping him young though - he thrives on it. The politics as well as the fresh air and the hard work. His brother's health is in steep decline, but my dad's still digging his patch over twice a year without much trouble - when he can't get hold of the committee rotavator!

Minnie said...

Yep, much the same thing here..except worse!! And the manure is 'home grown!' lol A couple of the blokes who 'stick their oar in' but in a supposedly well-meaning way (ppffffff! ) ended up with their sheds being burned to the ground. It's stupid... mad!! They must have racked someone off, 'cos the cops reckon it was arson. Don't believe it myself. Not what you'd expect in hill billy land.