Sunday, 24 August 2008

Thank God for Kids

So, I can just about see the keyboard to type!  In between blubs.  

Son No 1 and girlfriend helped a great deal.  Zooming 'up north' to cheer us up.  He even got one of his mates to come up to stay overnight, too.  Brave lad, 'cos Neil is allergic to cats!!    And they did cheer us up. xx   Son was going to spend the weekend at home sprucing up his car, valeting, etc.  Instead he used the money to get car breakdown membership, just in case:o))  I cooked his favourite meals ....and let him watch the blasted  FOOTBALL!!:o)  lol

Mother came up today, for dinner.  Son No 1 did all the transporting.  She was happy to be here, ate her nosh and didn't go down the "too many pets" lecture route.  She felt our pain I think.  The cats and Cilla congregated around her and one of the kittens even snuggled on her lap.  It was Ringo.  She had to rename him, of course!  A very original White Whiskers:o))

Anyway, tomorrow we are 'hitting' the allotment again to sort it out with our strimming monster. lol  Cilla will come with us and, no doubt, dig a few holes.  She's allowed:o))



Brad said...

Sorry to hear you had to give up a fur-kid. I know that's never easy.

You must have done something right raising your boys. Nice of them to come cheer up Mum!

Minnie said...

Thanks, Brad.

Son No 1 lives miles and miles away..near London, so he rings up most nights to check that we're ok and tells me his news....usually about the dreaded football!! lol If he could have had Molly then he'd have taken her but he doesn't have how own place, yet.