Sunday, 10 August 2008

Put offs and Piccy Blues

After all the recent palavars...wish it was!

Sorry about the gratuitous photos.  Taken today.  Nearly all blue themed.  lol

I'm always amazed when these flower, year in year out, 'cos I just leave them to it.

Just like the colours:o). They sit in a blue pot on my Dad's very old bench.
The bees like the lavender

Blue and blustery

One of Junior's Blueberry bushes, after being 'plucked'

The goodies:o)

Junior with her pickings:o)

Geranium. Was a birthday present from Son no 1's best mate.

Holiday by the seaside has been put off for a little while.  Too much stuff going off, like the allotment politics, family ill-health, etc. 
Plus, I've decided that one of the dogs, Molly, needs to be re-homed asap.  We're always on tenterhooks nowadays because she's unpredictable around the cats.... the older mogs were here first and are getting to an age where they should be inside when the weather's bad but they daren't come in for fear of the dog.   She went for Megan the other week so that's made the decision final for me.   I've been in touch with a behavioural specialist who thinks she can find the right home for her.... a no other pets...sort of home..which Moll will prefer.  Cilla, our other pooch, is fine around the mogs.  Happy-go-lucky, friendly type...but Molly just comes from a different dog planet.   I know it's the right thing to do, but still feel really sad and could boo hoo now at the thought of her going.

So this, and maybe all the red tape crap we've had to endure, has made me really tired and insomniac-like.   I'm looking forward to being able to sleep.  And...oh, for a stress-free life!!!   Hmmm, might need to move to another planet for that wish.

Honey..cuddled up with Junior

Talking about the felines.....kittens are now 7 and 5 weeks old respectively.  Older lot are in full party mode and the younger lot are just starting on that journey:o))  It's strangely relaxing watching their antics and how their personalities are developing.  The littlies can now get out of their box - aka Syd's penthouse suite - and are exploring.  Olive's going to see Mr/Ms Vet soon and Megan won't be that far behind!..and then we can let them have their freedom because, at the moment, they are house-bound...which they hate and don't understand why.

Popeye..spending quality time with the kids. He actually cleaned them!!

Today we're expecting visitors.  A house full.  So, Junior is going to try and help make the nosh.  No prizes for which course she wants to do!   Menu is veggie chicken chasseur with new potatoes, cordon bleau carrots and garlicky brocolli;  with a pear and chocolate tart for pud.  Everything is vegan apart from the quorn.   Haven't got round to making seitan yet, but will do soon, that I've tracked down a place that sells gluten flour..and they're not that far away!!   We're providing this feast (to bribe) in thanks as our visitors will, hopefully, help mow down the allotment. Amazing how quickly 'unwanted plants' grow. lol     Don't like to use the term weeds nowadays.   They're just plants in the wrong place.   The politics  'hoo har' on the allotment has made me quite I don't want to go anymore.  But, I'm not giving in to the twaddle.  When I go up shall put ear plugs in!!   Meanwhile, wish they made happy pills:o))  lol

The finished dinner. Presentation could be better. lol

A fave piccy of Junior, looking quite grown up all of a sudden, with one of her sidekicks:o)

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