Friday, 29 August 2008

Mad House

So, like a bloody fool...I said she could keep two. Two kittens only. NO MORE!!

Initially, I said one........................

"But that isn't fair!"
"Why not?"
"I told Meg that I'd have two of her's"
"So, have two of her's and be done with it"
"Not fair"
"Because then we'd have none of Olive's"
"I should think that Olive would be grateful" reply from moi. lol
"No, Mummy, that isn't fair. So, we have to have four.....then one to share.....!!"

Then, she conks out on me, asleep, before I can think of smart, expletive-free reply. Bugger!!

Sigh..... So, while Junior larges it on the sofa with cold facecloth on her headachey head, they are let out, downstairs, for Evening Exercise....aka romp downstairs (and upstairs, as it happens, due to open plan design of this little 2 up 2 down!!......

Fifteen minutes later, a couple are still racing around, namely Henry and one of Meg's. On the other hand, some are starting to calm down, even Tinks! No more climbing up curtains and hanging off expensive, designer voile nets! About 5 of them, would you believe, come to their senses:o)) I have the feeling that I am being "ganged up on" in the "Wanting attention" department. Blummin bullies!! Can't hear myself think due to all this purring!! Some sit and lie down near legs, some on knee, some on lap. One even cuddles up on my shoulder and licks my ear. Hmmmm......see... I tamed them!!!


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