Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Badly Behaved Kitties got my Knitting

I have just been berated by Junior for referring to one of the kittens as 'That Bloody Cat!'

TBC managed to get behind the washing machine!  No amount of 'chi chi'ing' tempted the animal out, so I left it to Junior to sort her out.  Animal in question was Tinks aka Nutty Cat.

Anyway, as you may have sussed out, now that Molly is a non-resident, the kitties are able to roam the house a little more freely.  So, I asks Junior if all the doors to rooms other than kitchen and lounge are closed?  I gets a shrug of the shoulders.  She is distracted... busy trying to pluck out a splinter from her finger, gained from extricating Tinks from her washing machine hell.  The kittens in question are Olive's.  Little (buggers)  extroverts:o)  Megan's lot are WELL behaved..... and sleep, eat, poo and play nicely:o))

The scene tonight is 5 kitties whizzing around.   Bart has taken an unhealthy interest in the loo!! Cilla is in the dog crate...safe. She choses when to go in and out as it's her space.   The kittens are a strange oddity to her!!!  One spit from them and she's off in the other direction!!!  

I am in the process of knitting a lovely flowerbud cardi for Junior.  It's a bit Fairisley and, frankly, is doing my head in.   I have to concentrate, which is not always possible with inquisitive kitties around and even harder with failing eyesight due to 'getting on a bit'.   Anyway, the little tinkers have discovered my wool and the little bit I have knitted.  Took me ages.......  Say no more.....sigh

Anyway...up to date piccies:o)
Ringo...the Whiner!!!!

Millie..cutie pie and well behaved

Chunky..lovely, quiet boy

Honey and Bart posing in front of the mirror

Bad Boy Henry..not so blummin regal nowadays!!

Bart.  He is, actually, really friendly and intelligent.

Henry, again

Tinks...she devil!!!

LooLoo xxx  Delicate little thing.

I am obviously leaving anything remotely home eddy to others. lol..... For another day:o) xxxx However, we are embarking on a project to build fitted wardrobes in Junior's bedroom. Lots of measuring, research, etc required. That should keep her busy for a while:o))...until Uncle S comes down and shows his little apprentice the art of bashing and drilling!!! lol

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Brad said...

When you have that lot, who needs television.

Hours of endless fun!