Saturday, 21 July 2007


Good job I have a mop and bucket!! Kitchen was a bit wet when I came down this I'm glad I bought some cheapo bath mats to put at the back door...they're doing a great job of keeping the seepage of water at bay..better than towels. They're also good for muddy and wet paws which is why I bought them in the first place....easy to chuck in the washing machine.

Feel sorry for those who are flooded out:O(

All this rain makes for more tidying up in the house.. pets are cooped up and in danger of getting cabin fever..our normal "let the dogs off their leads for a run" haunts are boggy and/or flooded, so we just get oiked around the streets. Not as good as watching three nutty pooches chase each other over hill and dale....very funny. It's a bit like watching a Benny Hill sketch. Molly is the fastest....and she's the mum!!! Bobby is second and tries to pin her down but gets side-tracked with his football. gives up after two wonder she's a bit of a podge:o)

Hope all the HP fans are happy. Must get our copy today...didn't fancy venturing out last night for a midnight purchase, although the atmosphere did look good....all those fans dressed up and in the swing of it all. Good for them!!


Anonymous said...
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Gill said...

I haven't got my HP yet! *cry*