Friday, 13 July 2007

One of those!

Had one of those moments know..when you know you are doing the right thing. Home edding for us being the right thing.

Went to the local overpriced shop to purchase pet supplies and Junior bought herself some goodies out of her pocket money. Quite a few items as it happened, all with odd and different prices. She did the mental arithmetic and confidently handed over the correct monies. She's becoming a lot more independent when we're out shopping..with the calculations, etc. Our maths time seems to be paying off:O) She did some today, of her own accord and because she's not rushed, forced or tested has gained more interest and confidence. It may not seem much to some people but I know that she's turned yet another corner..stress-free:O)

Talking of stress-free....look at the life of Riley that this lot have!!
The little darlings, chilling...morning after the night before!!

Syd the Poser

The Big Cats

Chilling out in style!!

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Jane Weston said...

Hi Minnie,
thanks for stopping by my blog and now I've found yours. I love all the pictures of the cute!