Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Blog slow downs

I'm like most people (I hope) and read other blogs. Many subjects take my interest. But I've noticed that a few home ed blogs are on "go slow". I hope you people don't give up...... and carry on the good work... bloggng your life and home ed stuff. Not some, or many but ALL are inspirational in their own way. Please keep posting you lot:O)


Anyway, back at the ranch....Syd still thinks he's a dog and has taken a fancy to Cilla - who is NOT interested.. The kittens, meanwhile, are growing up so quickly. They're nightbirds and you can hear them whizzing and cantering about and playing late on at night. Their characters are emerging...Popeye is a typical boy -like..."leave me alone...I can do it", Olive is just nuts and is not scared of anything and Megan is the laidback "anything for a quiet life" lap cat. They nearly made it out of the kitchen door today - en masse. Good job I was with it and stopped them high tailing it!!

So, with kitties safely back inside, we made a sort of mushroom carbonara today for tea, Junior and I. Some recipe that she pinched from watching Ready Steady Cook today. Was very nice. Pity I had half a bar of Galaxy chocolate for pud. lol

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