Monday, 30 July 2007

Teary weekend

Had a bit of a funny weekend. Mum is not not well. Blood tests have been done and results are awaiting. Doctor's tomorrow. She stayed over the weekend....had my bed... and Junior fell asleep cuddling her Gran really tightly. That kid has so much love inside her:O)

Like I've said before, my Mum's a "white walls and no dust, one pet at the most" sort of person, while I'm not... so I was dreading the introduction to the kittens...fearing the inevitable nag nag nag. I don't, believe it or not, like arguments or confrontation!!! Well, she's bagged Olive...Mum thinks she's lovely and has renamed her something untranslatable in Ukrainian:O) It took her mind off things for a while:O)

She's all tearful, which is really not her at all. She's got to nearly 80 and most of her mates have passed on and are occupying our home town cemetery. Those who are still alive are mostly "not with it", if you see what I mean, so she's a bit short of peer connections. Plus, it was my parents' wedding anniversary on Friday...... 61 years. Still counts to Mum, even though Dad is in that cemetery with his mates. She's missing him. She spent the best of 20 years nursing him from imjuries sustained in the war...bullet wounds galore to mention a few. It's odd when I go up to the cemetery to see Dad. Most of the people I knew from my childhood who were part of our community are buried up there. It's really weird, never eerie. Some really lovely people are there and it's a sad feeling I have when I go..that they're there. I sometimes clean the graves of people who I know don't have anyone left to do that for them. I just wish that I'd had more time to get to know them even better in life. They suffered terribly because of WW2 and should, by rights, have been entitled to an easier run at life. But they all made the most of things and enjoyed life as best they could. We often joke that they're all up there playing dominoes, dancing and joking as they once did. The birds visit my Dad, 'cos they poo on his headstone.

Dad was a funny bloke, as in hilarious. He was a farmer's son...very handsome..... and old-fashioned. Mum hails from a different part of Uki and is somewhat a bit of a snob with a fiery temper. It's taken me most of my life to figure the snob bit out!! She, of course, denies being a snob or a bit of a dragon!! How they remained married for so long is a bit of a mystery, 'cos they were like chalk and cheese. But Dad used to make her laugh...even when she was totally racked off about something he may have or may have not done. He had that twinkle in his eyes and she'd crease up in the end.

So, I'm holding up my glass of preferred (ginger beer at the mo)'s to Mum and Dad and happy memories. xxxxx


Gill said...

Oh, what a lovely post! It did me good to read that today, even though it was kind of bitter-sweet. I hope your mum soon recovers.

Qalballah said...

In my prayers. Mums are precious.