Monday, 23 July 2007


Finished HP. Took 8 hours and my neck hurt when I'd finished. Now Junior has it to read. Was the odd bit in about home ed and compulsory school attendance :O))...and a few sad bits that had me teary-eyed for a bit. I'm not giving anything else away. Been reading a few reviews and it's amazing how some people can be so snobby about her writing.

Anyway, to say that it's the start of the 6 weeks' holiday It's amazingly quiet. Well, it's 9.30 so I suppose the kids are still in bed, catching up on their zzzz..

There's more rain due, looking at the skies:O( Hope everyone is safe.


Dawniy said...

hello babes
waving to you both ,
wet here too.

Anonymous said...

Am in the middle of HP and I caught the You-know-who and home ed bit too.