Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Poor Mother!

I have been away at my Mum's. She is not a happy bunny at the mo and has needed a shoulder or two, if you know what I mean? She's not well in more ways than one.

I am now a bit of an old crock and well past the disco days. I don't feel old inside (I blummin well look it, though!) and more often than not don't act my age in the graceful way that others I know do. My mum is much the same. She's nearly 80 but says that when she looks in the mirror it isn't her that she sees. Definitely know the feeling there!

Anyway. like I said, Mum is a bit fedup 'cos she doesn't feel well...age and all that. She has no-one of her age to talk to 'cos all her friends (including my Dad) have "passed over" and the ones who haven't don't know where they are...if you see what I mean? She is feeling very fragile, scared and lonely. Plus, she is nursing a bit of a broken heart!

She ended this relationship she had with a "friend...nothing going on"...friend (and there wasn't) and I think the loneliness has hit her and reminded her of how dastardly some people can be. Funny, isn't it? There I was, years ago, wailing over who ever it was....can't remember his name...and she was there trying to gee my spirits up, albeit her way..... and here I am, many, many years later...doing the same thing for her. Wish me luck!

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