Saturday, 21 July 2007

Water and silly thoughts

We have water coming in the kitchen...courtesy of the weather. Syd rabbit is back in his penthouse suite in the house. He is a bit of a plonker. Sits out all day in his the rain...with the snails and slugs who come and try nick his food. the pouring rain tonight...and I mean POURING RAIN I oiks him out of his rather wet hutch and brings him in. Dries him off and he scratches me in thanks. Hmphhh!!

So...what to do... no sand bags in sight. I have a bright idea and gets some spare tongue and groove...glues it together with No more Nails and glues it up against the door. Shall see tomorrow if I need the mop or not!!!

Went out in new pap pap today. It's a very old car and growls and whines a bit. We've named it Scooby. We had a white Sierra once and the back end of the reg was it was named Cilla. And another vehicle we had we bought from a policeman named car was named Sherlock. Wonder if anyone else is daft enough to name their vehicles?

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Gill said...

Happy new car :-)