Thursday, 12 July 2007


Junior has decided that she wants to learn how to play the guitar... She got put off playing the piano by patronising lea man and hasn't touched it since (long story). The descant recorder is a bit too sedate for her. Anyway, I'm so glad that she's got her musical mojo back.

The only geetar that we have in the house at the moment is MY guitar!!! She's been twanging away all week and, I have to admit, has made up a few pleasant little tunes. So, her uncle..who is a former successful pop band member of yesteryear, has been designated with the task of ensuring she gets her chords right. He's a gentle, patient bloke and she thinks that he's the bee's knees and just wonderful. (he's top of her Christmas card list at the moment, because he's the one responsible for bringing the kittens) He has a child size electric guitar at home which no doubt will land here at the next opportunity. (He is my brother, the one who brings us pressies and items that I woudn't necessarily buy for generators (so I can plug in my strimmer and sort out rainforest size grass on the allotment), huge speakers on wheels, 4ft fishtank, cat kennels, butchers block, wood, diy manuals, etc.) Maybe he thinks my house isn't cluttered enough, or it's too girly!! If I happen to mention that I'd quite like blah blah, then the next time I see him he more often than not oiks said item into the house:O) So, I have to be careful what I say...he is just too thoughtful:O)

Anyway, I know he too is glad that Junior has, at last, gone all musicial 'cos he just loves jammin (brings back memories of the good old On leaving our house the other day he had a slight smirk on his face and muttered something about the fact that he could get her a drum kit, no problem....tomorrow, if I like? He knows where there's one going for free. No, no, no....get ME one instead!! Ha..... that'll wake up the neighbours in hill billy land!!

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