Thursday, 5 July 2007

How did we do?

Well, today we went out and about to get provisions - of every kind.

We did plenty of maths before we set off.

Said I was after getting vegan and eco friendly stuff. lol lol... after ensuring that I bought organic tofu, plenty of fresh veg and fruit, some maple syrup (bliss with bananas and pancakes - yum)...and "nice" toilet roll (an equal "aahh!).....We went on and got 6 pairs of shoes, boots, slippers between us..all for the princely sum of £44.00!!! We also bought a brand new calculator for Junior and her maths, card stock and storage boxes. And a MEGA sized cat litter tray for the kitties!! Tell would never believe how much crap can escape from something so little and innocent looking!!...and forget the aroma!

Me...being of age( (;O) ) bought very very comfy with diamonte I may add, some purple sequined flatties - aka think Ali Baba - and some white patent leather, sex on feet, best shave yer legs and paint yer toe nails cork sandals. Pow!! Just gotta make sure I stay upright as they are a tad high! Oh, what the ******! Junior, being more upfront and "don't give a damn" bought bright red knee length boots with a kitten heel with her pocket money and two pairs of sensible Mary Jane type, pink, flowery, sparkly shoes. We are set up for....ooooooo, at least 4 weeks!! lol!! Junior has been parading around the house in her red boots like someone out of "ello "ello!! And...before anyone gets their garters in twist and thinks I've allowed daughter to buy sex aids...the red boots are part of her Ukrainian dance outfit...gotta learn the dances of the homeland in style..don't cha?

Anyway, the rain stayed off until we got home...just in time to rescue Syd and bring him indoors, yet again! He got a treat, too. Tell yer, no wonder he thinks he's a dog!

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