Tuesday, 17 July 2007

One down!

Well, sad to report but Ginger is now in the great big fishbowl in the sky. Passed away this morning:O( No idea why. One minute Ging is ok, next Ging is floating away. We had the appropriate burial at sea (well, via the loo..I didn't think it appropriate to bury G in the garden..not with cats about...or to bury in the bin...eeeww!) with a few words said in Ging's memory. Fred will, no doubt, be molly coddled like no other goldfish on this earth...and so he should be.

Junior wanted to make soup tonight..so we did. Something nice about making meals together. And she is scoffing away as I type. All fresh, organic allotment goodies in it.

We are having a dvd night tonight...Freaky Friday - which is hilarious.... accompanied by M & M's 'cos the homemade trifle isn't ready yet:O( Tomorrow is visit Mother day...5 hour round trip...so we will be knackered come evening.

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