Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Holiday..what holiday?

There was me, trying to have a nice, relaxing bath to help clear my brain and in barges Junior. She'd been quiet for a while, busying herself. Turns out that she'd invented a new code, had dreamed up the characters and asked me to have a go at deciphering. It was very good, have to admit, although it's a little difficult to concentrate surrounded by bubbles!!

Then, later on she had a go at tapestry work..(picture of a cat, would you believe?) We also had the ritual "let's count all the money in our purses, shall we, Mum?" She wangled a couple of quid off me and has decided she wants to open a savings account:O) So we'll have a look at where we can get the best deal, kids wise.

Carnival fish is still in his pyrex bowl with fish weed to hide in...in the kitchen in between the weighing scales and a jar of kapusta. If it's good enough for Sophie Grigson to have fish swimming about in her kitchen, then it's good enough for me:O) Little fish knows when it's nosh time, 'cos I tap quietly and he comes up to the surface and munches away:O) I've had a look in the pet shops and our fish is positively tiny compared to any others I've seen. Daren't buy anymore for company incase he gets bullied because of his littleness (not that I'm neurotic about bullying!!) Shall have to go and speak to nice man in aquarium section of our local garden centre.

The kittens are into everything!! Olive has discovered the old lounge rug, rolled up and waiting to go up to the allotment. She climbs up to the top so she can curl up for a snooze in peace...leaving the other two to race about to their hearts content.

She found my clean laundry, too!! Ooops, could've folded it up a little more neatly, perfect housewife that I'm NOT!! lol

She hasn't quite figured out how to jump over the dog gate.

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