Monday, 16 July 2007

One of those days

Well, today I just didn't want to get out of bed! Call it apathy..or whatever...I'm still a bit fedup - for all sorts of reasons. Woke up in that frame of mind and am going to bed feeling much the same. Red tape is doing my head in. Officialdom and pettiness which seems to plague me in my poverty-stricken life!! lol. Would I feel any happier if I won a load of dosh on the lottery? let me think!!! Having a "that time of the month" every three weeks definitely doesn't help either. Maybe I need to munch on a bag of nails to get my iron levels up!!

Anyway...I did get out of bed at an early hour. We did our usual pottering about and then visited the allotment to see if anything is left after this weekend's downpour. Well..yes....lots of weeds, too:O( So, we weeded and harvested some goodies for dinner (got our first batch of spinach!!) And Junior was busy trying to identify yet MORE weeds. We made tortilla/spanish omlette for dinner with our goodies and Junior said she could tell the ingredients we used were good and fresh:O)

Junior wrote a story, did some English related puzzles, some maths and this evening announced that she is going to read all her Garfield books! She even spent time looking at her dictionary. I've shown it her before but she's never really shown any interest or understood it. Anyway, now she likes and understands how to use it. Good job, 'cos she's eyeing up this huge crossword to do tomorrow. It's one of those win a prize ones, bless her.

So, during a quiet moment or two, I happened to stumble across this eco friendly blog and found, as you do, a long conversation about periods, washable material pads and mooncups!! So, I have downloaded the pattern for said material pads and am going to attempt to make some tomorrow!! This could be the start of my empire!! lol.

On the kitten front...Olive seems to have taken a shine to me....she purrs on command when I pick her up. Megan is just soooo laid back and loves Junior. Popeye is becoming more sociable and likes swinging from anything which happens to be my dresses on the back of my bedroom door. They've managed to scale Junior's rattan wardrobe and Meg's made it to the back of the washing machine!! You could say that we have our hands full with these three:O)

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