Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Well...guess what I'm reading? HP 6!!--seeing as Harry Potter 7 comes out on Saturday 00.01am...better remind myself what went off at Hogwarts before I read the final book!! Bit sad, really. Hope the little chap makes it and finds true happiness:O) Yikes...may never find out, seeing as I haven't reserved a copy of this last book. £17.99 is a bit steep, though!!

Today's journey to Mother's was horrendous..mainly due to crap public transport system. Took us far too long to get there and back. I want my car back!!! (We had to come back another way....via cross-country -and very picturesque it was, too!!) Mother is feeling better. Broken heart is slowly mending....she has re-discovered her razor sharp way with words and has given "what for" to the appropriate parties!! She's advised me that she wants to come and stay for a couple of days SOON!! Yikes!! better get tidying up. What is it about visiting mothers and tidying up that gives one the ooo jaas?

Anyway, I am about to climb into bed and start on HP 6 and what do I find? Junior has nicked my book to read. Guess I'll wait until she drops off to sleep:O)....meanwhile....I will plan my out my new business empire...sod the tidying up!! lol! Now.....where did I put that pattern?

Does anyone ever read this blog of mine, I wonder?

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Deb said...

I read you ;-)

Re HP: it will sell for about £8ish in lots of places. Or you could download - there are lots of fake downloads around but we have read what I believe to be the genuine article :-)