Saturday, 14 July 2007

And there's more!!

Meet Fred and Ginger...latest inmates to the Min household...courtesy of Junior who won them at our local carnival today. She had to get three darts into separate playing cards on this board and bingo! She is excruciatingly bad at darts. The girl felt so sorry for her when she kept missing that she let her have 12 goes to win the fish!! So, she won Fred. We took him home straight away to prevent any further stress, dug out my pyrex bowl and that's his home until such time I get into the garage for the real goldfish bowl. Then, upon returning she goes and wins another one ('cos Fred would be lonely on his own!!). Ok, I'm a sucker and I can just see my mate M rolling her eyes and thinking that I need help!! lol. So, we goes home via overpriced local shop for some overpriced goldfish food and F & G are now making their acquaintances in my pyrex bowl!! Junior did mention that we do have a 4 foot fish tank in the lounge, currently unoccupied, so no need to oik the ickle one out of the garage. Mmm..makes sense, but they'd probably get lost in that. "No problem" Junior goes on to explain that it'll be ok 'cos we can always get more fish to fill it!!!

Fred and Ginger meet in the Pyrex Cafe

It was a lovely day and nice to see the community get together with all the usual carnival stuff. I, as usual, spent ages oohing and aahing over some greyhound dogs that were there to promote awareness of the plight of ex-racing dogs needing homes. Well, don't look at me 'cos I don't think I could pack another animal in here. lol. The girl at the overpriced local shop is trying her damnest to ply me with some baby hamsters that she has due to an illicit meeting between her pets, but it's a bit of a no no really with all these mogs in the house.

Anyway, Junior enjoyed herself, as did I. There was alsorts for the kids (young and old:O)) and a brilliant craft corner where she made a huge willow butterfly...and darn good it is, even if I say so myself. We had the obligatory bag of chips and candy floss and waddled about eating those:O)

Junior enjoying herself

This slide was enormous.

Willow butterfly

Syd..caught red-handed digging up my clematis...arghh

Now then...wonder if I can get the hose pipe to the fish tank in the lounge? Only kidding!!

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