Thursday, 3 June 2010


So, I am the poor sod who lives with twelve cats..and a cat pecked dog.

What is the worst thing that you could imagine, new mouth to feed-wise?

More cats...or, perish the thought, another dog? Nah!!

I cop for it, good and proper.........

New tablets from doc. Me, tired out and sleepy, so had a quick nap. Then, I am called into the garden room by Junior. Waking me up mid sleep is a no no. Bad temper ensues, and all that. Seems that Popeye had caught his claw and Junior couldn't sort him as she was outside and Pop inside. So, I unhooked him. Then I got a load of abuse about 'my' washing!!!

I seem to wash all the time. Bedding gets changed daily, due to peri menopausal me and large cat population makes more work anyway. It makes sense to keep washing....keeping things clean.

Anyway, the washing gets pegged out on one of those whirly gig type of contraptions. No washing line the mo. Whirly gig, adorned with washing..nearly dried...was, apparently, in the way of final construction of the pesky cat run. So, they, Junior and Bro, collapsed down the contraption, causing washing to trail on the ground! Arghhhhh, bloody, arghhhhh!!!

I was not best pleased. Packed my washing and went inside. mutter, mutter....

Was hoovering away..getting rid of bad temper, when I could hear Bro on the stairs, asking me if I was any good at first aid?

In they come....Bro and Junior, with an empty mushroom carton box containing two little hatchling birds. Birds!!! in this house!!!! Nooooooooooooooo

Apparently, bro heard a tweet and found the pair under the garden bench.

They are REALLY bald as a coot young. So, takes them to RSPB neighbour. She checks them and advises that they have been well looked after to press, crops are full, tummies full, no parasites. Does not know what they are. They are too young to identify. The few feathers that have sprouted are blue and they have tufts on their, up to press, bald heads:o) Neighbour thinks that maybe the local crows had them and somehow dropped them. Then, I assume that mother's cat, Jimmy, brought them to the garden bench and was copped by bro before he could consume his bounty!

I have to feed them cat food.....every two hours!!! I have made paper tweezers so as to feed them safely without risk of prodding their throats to death. I tap on the side of the mushroom box and 'choo choo' at them open for food:o)

I have done two feeds and am pooped.

The mogs have been evicted from my room as I am on feeding duty, obviously, and are currently bro havoc downstairs (he is a sofa man!) lol

Would be cool if I could raise these babies and set them free.......sigh.....

Tomorrow, if they survive, we are on a worm hunt. Chop up and feed to babies. Nice.

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