Friday, 4 June 2010

Headless Cat and Goodbye, Mr Peeps

Birdy no 2 did not make it, either:o(

I did my best and will miss the little peeps he made.

The garden worms will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Nearly had a decapitated cat this morning. The mogs were trying out the run. All was well. They found their preferred perching posts, shady parts, etc. I happened to come out and see the back end of a cat sticking out from underneath the shed....which is attached to the run and is the ' shelter in from the bad weather' bit of the run.

Ringo. Ringo. Ringo.

I heard this mournful, panicky miaow...then more....... and realised that he was actually stuck! Visions of fire brigade to the rescue began to race in my head. Junior squealed and panicked, as usual. We (ahem...bro) got the little blighter out, eventually, by jemmying a pickaxe under the shed and lifting it enough to drag poor Rings out. Mog was black bright!!! He didn't want any fuss (due to embarassment, I suppose) and just wanted to lay on the cool laminate inside and recover his dignity..... and he's now 'resting' on my bed.

The animals are conked out with the heat a the it's nice and peaceful....until night time when it obviously becomes cooler and so is then the time to PARTY! lol

Doctor gave me some more medication for the rickety joints and said she could see that my fingers are started to I have to see a consultant at hospital. I really don't want any more drugs. Anyway, I found a book on arthritis at a local charity shop which explains that it could be allergy related (by Dr John Mansfield). So, I'm going to have a go at following an elimination diet to see if it eases off the RA. Apparently, it has a high success rate. Who knows, might be able to wear, and actually walk in, my nice, summery shoes again:o)

Back to watering courgette plants. We have 7. Can't give the buggers away so it looks like we'll be having courgette everything to eat! lol Any recipes welcome:o)..especially for preserving or freezing.


anna said...

hope you feel better soon with ur joints..sadly we lost 2 of our cats.. one of the ginger kittens disappeared on easter sunday... and only a few days ago alady in the next street said a cat was dead on the road at 9 am easter morning..... kids still think hes wandered off.. an last week the mother was killed on the bottm of the same road.. im going to have to start keeping them in.. they go insane to get out clawing doors etc.... but id rather put up with that for a while than lose another what do u reckon >

anna said...

we got a lovely piece of land to use.. right across th road where we live...nomore walking to our allotment which was 20 mins away..and we have no car..... this is 2 times the size.. but a jungle..older kid has worked miracles... and weve scrounged some empty tyres to grow stuff in for now..... but wealso got a ton of courgettes.... wont do me any harm thoug..ive slammed on a stone and half since i broke with my ex.. 8 months ago... so veggies all summer it is loool

Minnie said...

Aw. Sorry about your cats.

I keep mine in for their safety....too many cat haters and busy roads around here. You'll have to give them lots of toys to occupy them.... and space...cardboard boxes they like and catnip can make them yourself out of odd scraps of material and filler from old cushions/pillows/quilts. Also, make some fishing rod type toys. They REALLY tire them out. lol Dead easy to make.

I'll post up piccies of the new cat run up when camera batteries are charged up. Big bro did a great job!

Lol about the courgettes. Same here. I wonder if you can make courgette you can carrot cake? Shall have to googlee it.