Friday, 11 June 2010

The New Cat Pen and Stuff

Sewing tin and book sent by my SPC friend. I am missing reading the book!!! It is such a good. read. Life seems a tad boring now!! lol

The new cat pen is up and running. There is the tunnel from the garden room (which is really a lean-to at the back of the hous) into the new pen (8ft long and 6ft high) and then a shed at the end for shelter. When funds permit there will be another run at the other side of the shed, so the mogs can look down the garden!! They are living in luxury!!! lol They also have the run of downstairs, so plenty of radiators to cuddle up to come winter time:o))

Olive in the new cat pen and chilling! lol

Ringo on the viewing shelf

Jimmy asleep on the shed roof.

Olive, Tinks, Ringo and LooLoo looking out

Bart...bird fixated!!

Tinks, Ringo, LooLoo and Bart...birds...again!!

The pen


Jimmy awake...just!!

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