Sunday, 30 May 2010

The End is Nigh

We nearly have an 'up and running' cat run. Yay! The mogs can't wait. I can tell. They sit and watch, patiently, while bro drills and hammers wood and wire into place. He's been working, much as a near OAP can.....says she....giggling. He's provided all the materials, too. I am really lucky to have such a bro.

We have this mock insult thing going......all to do with age, of course... ribbing each other. I am the bag woman and he is the bloke from UP. Today, he DID resemble that bloke. On the other hand, I ALWAYS look like a bag woman! (dress like a bag woman and you attract zero attention romantically...or lust-wise- therefore avoiding superficial, crap relationships. If someone can see past the bag woman then..who knows!! But, me...I am all out of faith in the romance department. Does not exist, this mutual true love thing. It was not always so, but nowadays I am Cupid's biggest challenge) lol

So, back to bro.. did my best and fed him lots of food that meat eaters steak pie with all the trimmings for tea, bacon, spinach and goats cheese sarnis for dinner, etc. Tomorrow morning, Junior will, no doubt, present him with a fruit smoothie.

I have piccies to post but Mother has my camera. She is 'evidence gathering'.

Son no 1 has a procedure to endure this week. Mum here will hold his hand. I hope it goes ok.

Junior has a bad cold and has kindly passed it onto me and bro. Bless. When she feels ill it means a sleepover in my bed, where she obviously feels safe. So, here she asleep on PILES of she won't cough!! Faithfull little Honeypot is at her side, curled up. so as to not take up too much space and disturb her little mistress. Little protecter. Me....the only pillow left is a flat as a fart one. Down side of having a wrought iron bed frame. Ho hum.

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anna said...

lol.. my boots have have me pants.. and the charity shop is closed until tomorrow heheheheh