Sunday, 13 June 2010

Taken The Pledge

Junior and I have taken The Vegan Pledge:o) (See The Vegan Society for all the gumph).

We are going for the Gold month of nothing but vegan food and drinks passing our lips. This is a bigger deal for Junior, as she likes meat but she's treating it as a project and going for it. Has notebook to hand at all times, detailing what can and can't pass her lips. I'm doing it for the health benefits re rickety joints . Anyway, the VS are sending us a pack which should be rather educational for Junior.

I don't have meat but I will miss some dairy stuff......cheeses, especially the gooey, stringy mozzarella. Cheese is my downfall. Junior will miss coca cola. and chocolate. I need to find vegan cola! lol And ready make snacks. We like snacking.

And wine!! I have just read up on some of the animal derived ingredients that can end up in your plonk! Eeeew. Best start home brewing:o) lol I used to have loads of demi-johns, etc. Wonder if they still exist?

Anyway, Junior is busy freeing the fridge/freezer of anything non chocolate cheesecake and ice cream. We are totally vegan from tomorrow.

The mogs are eyeing me with'Don't expect us to be in on this, matey!!' if I would.....but......according to the gumph on the Vegan Society website. they

This week we will have a go at home made tofu and seitan (fake meat). If they turn out ok I shall post the recipes. The seitan one is supposed to be really good. I also found a recipe for Courgette anticipation of our courgette glut.

Good job my kid likes her fruit and veg:o))

PS. We're having a go at making our own writing paper, pending delivery of paper making kit from big bro. Junior wants to make perfumed, lavendery, nice smelling stuff. Like the posh stuff you see in up market gift shops. The paper is destined to be Christmas presents. Five months should be long enough to perfect the process and get it you think? We promise not to use bog roll. lol

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