Wednesday, 9 June 2010

SPC and Tofu

I received a parcel from a fellow SPC'r but don't know who sent it. Thank you, who ever you are:o) x

I'm now the proud recipient of a lovely sewing tin (with contents) and a book on sustainable living, which I've already read! Bloody good read. I will post piccies up when camera batteries charge up (they are taking forever nowadays).

The book has a recipe for home made tofu!! There's me searching high and low around here for affordable tofu....never thought you could make your own..doh...., so I will have a go. And a recipe to make your own sunflower oil!! learn something new everyday!!

Sewing kit has come in very handy as I try to ressurect my little craft biz. Helps to have sharp scissors and decent pins:o)) lol

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