Saturday, 29 March 2008

Invisible Veg

I had a feeling this would happen (hoped the end result would be bigger but hey, who am I to complain).
I won on the Euro Millions!   Thank you:O)) 
Going to cash in the ticket this aft.  We'll be £7.10 richer:O))   Like they say, every little helps!

Gratuitous pic of Olive in her new favourite noseying/keeping an eye on Mum spot.  Fred n Wilma are now in a safer place (mog-free little bedroom...with panoramic views of the outside world and their own radio to keep up to date on things).  They're singing away at the moment, bless 'em. 

Junior has a bit of a cold and is producing copious amounts of mucous, which is getting her down a bit.  I'm doing my best to avoid any direct hits via sneezing, etc as I don't fancy getting this lurgy one bit.  So, today shall make lots of soup.  Still not got round to the Chocolate and Beetroot cake; I have all the ingredients but no mugs (sorry, testers) to try it out on.  Hmmm, might spring this on Son no 1 who is visiting next week.  He likes his chocolate:O)   Shall "forget" to tell him about the veg and vegan bit and see what he really thinks of it.    I used to do this all the time when he was younger..."hiding" veg in his meals, otherwise he wouldn't have eaten any fruit and veg at all.  Still do it now.   He does like them..he just won't admit it to me.  Battle of wills and all that.  Don't think I'll ever come clean about it, though.  Will spoil my fun.  lol.


Grit said...

what an excellent mog shelf! that solves the problem of them wanting to command total attention at the computer doesn't it?!

we tried the beetroot and choc cake today. it is not sweet and it does have an 'earthy' flavour which i can believe enhances the chocolate taste. the kids all voted it the best thing on the table, so it must have been OK!

Minnie said...

Blimey. Result!!:O)) Good job really, as the ingredients are not cheap.

I trained Olive to sit on the shelf so she wouldn't harass the poor birds but Junior reckons that Olive likes it because she's clingy, loves me really and is sorry that she's been a bit of a plonker and got herself in the family way. I just think she likes her food:O) I EVER learn!!!!