Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Shop 'til you drop

Brother-in-law is visiting today to drop of cargo of yet more Easter goodies for Junior:O)  My sister normally sends her niece the best in cool stuff that has just landed in the shops..type of thing (she works for a well known supermarket so has first-hand pick of stuff).  So, J can't wait:O))  My older siblings are really good with Junior.  They watch out for her big time, even though they're so far away.  I know sometimes they sense that I worry about what will happen to her if I wasn't here and who will care for her, etc.    That's why they're godparents.  No getting out of it now.  lol   Most people probably have these dark worries, don't they?  

Her daily diary is coming along well.  Some of it is in "diary" style and some is in "magazine".  Still, at least she is writing through choice:O)  

The guitar she got for Crimble has finally made it's way out of the storage box.  She's ready to have a serious go and so we're aiming at getting practice in everyday...and some music reading:O)  Recorder playing in this house, however,  is a REALLY noisy affair.....the dogs just howl and howl..don't think for a minute they are singing along:O)   So, we have to wait until neighbours are out for that particular activity.  lol

Today we're off to the nearest big city for a look around (bro in law loves shopping, can you believe?  Sister hates it!!)  Shall send her something nice back, though:O)

Now, time to go.  Comfy shoes at the ready!!  lol    

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