Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Brain Hurts

All day...ALL DAY!!!

Junior has been downloading language courses. French, Ukrainian (too Russianised), Japanese, Spanish and far! The iMac is steaming!! Think she may also have her eye on Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. The preliminaries have been jogged down in her new language exercise books for a bit of bedtime reading (lol) and aural practice. Tomorrow she wants to do much of the same. So, for today we have a head full of international numbers, colours, days of the week, seasons and general greetings. I am knackered..she is not and has now moved onto art. Dobranich folks:O))

PS. Our wheelie bin has returned from its jaunt:O) Yay. No more toddling down to mother's with our rubbish:O)

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