Monday, 17 March 2008

On a depressing note

Too much hassle to deal with at the mo.  No wonder some folk go barmy..or just up and go!!     

House, finances, red tape, ..even the's getting all political there too, with people walking round clutching clipboards.. tut tutting at certain plots.  The ones that are run by the retired blokes who spend all their time up there, some sipping their home made whatever,  are all preened and clipped while those plots that belong to folk who work or have other duties in life are more, er...normal.  And the kid from hell who lives next door is on fine form, too.   Rude as rude can be.   Arghhhh.

Wonder if I can find us a nice little place away from all this hassle?  Nothing too big, just enough land to grow fruit and veg...maybe put the odd rescue hen or twelve on:O) my dreams me thinks:O(  


Grit said...

for exactly those reasons we have avoided the allotments ... within the first month we'd have an allotment court summons served on us, i guarantee!

Minnie said...

Apparently, an "Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the Association" is being held tomorrow!! Committee members have resigned en masse, probably because they are fed up of old farts complaining about silly things. Me predicts fisticuffs and lots of shouting so am going to bag myself a ringside seat!!! I asked another fellow allotmenteer if he knew what the hell was going on...and he, too, reckons that it's down to too many old blokes with too much time on their hands who have nothing better to do than argue!!! Shame...they could have used their energy to help dig my plot!! lol!

Gill said...

Yes I'm with Grit there - wouldn't even try! Hats off to you for braving it Min.

My dad's on an allotment committee. It's a way of carrying on all that going-to-work vibe for them after they've retired I think. You know, judging, assessing, arguing, gossiping etc. Beats me why they bother! He loves it though.

He does dig other people's plots though to be fair. Hey, you could come and live here and get complained at on home ground instead ;-)

Minnie said...

Aye, if I could move back home I would:O)

I got the allotment for practical reasons really. Home-grown organic veg...cheaper than shop bought and all that. Oh, an the educational aspect of it. Junior just thinks we should leave em to it. Wise girl:O))