Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mothering Junior

Meg the mummy cat woke me up this morning.....at 4.30am!! She purr purr and trills like anything..a proper little feline conversationalist:O) She's a really good mother.

Anyway, she hasn't been allowed out since having her babies and is busting a gut to get out into the fresh air of hill billy land. So, consequently she seems to get bored now and again of this imprisonment, hence her waking me up for attention. So, after an hour or so of giving her due attention I drifts back off for much-needed beauty sleep...but not quite..if you know what I mean?.."one eye open, 'tuther shut" sort of thing. Well, her attention is now on the next bod who will play with her...namely Junior!! She has absolutely no chance there....not with comatose child. So, what does the sweet, little animal do but cuddle up and lovingly nudge Junior, the same way she does with her kittens. She was mothering her!!! Bless:O)

Anyway, we are on manouvers again!! Musical bedrooms. J has loads, and I mean LOADS of stuff and nowhere to put/display it all. So, we are swapping bedrooms, again. Not furniture this time, just contents. She will have my lovely, comfy bed and walls decorated in a relaxing theme whilst I will have to endure Gran's rock hard mattress and pink/purple/blue walls adorned with fairies. To make this moving process a little more enjoyable (for Junior) she has her music on. I'm being bombarded with the Sugababes..on repeat. Joy!! What is it with this child and the repeat button? Time someone bought me an iPod!!

Once we've done then a bit of French is on the agenda, bread making and buddhism. Some of her blog mates have been discussing this and so she wants to know a little more and about religions generally. Oh, and she is looking into the anatomy of snakes, courtesy of David Attenborough and the Life in Cold Blood series. He's getting on a bit now, isn't he?... but still so watchable.

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