Friday, 21 March 2008

Wind and Spa Night

So, it's  been blowing a gale up in hill billy land  and snowing now and again..but it's lovely and sunny at the mo.  Total schizophrenic weather  which is about normal for the end of March! The mogs are being blown in through the cat flap. They land unceremoniously upon the kitchen laminate, shake themselves back into shape (look round to see if anyone spotted this undignified "landing")....and trot off upstairs, with a feline trill, to the warmth and peace of MY bedroom!!! Too much hassle elsewhere, what with their rampant 4 week old kitty nieces and nephew running riot. lol From the corner of your eye they look like huge, black, furry spiders. Eeek..glad they're not!!

We went to local market town today. Got supplies for choc and beetroot cake, plenty of fresh fruit n veg, locally made spinach and onion bread which smells gorgeous...  AND maple syrup...pancakes just aren't the same without maple syrup:O))     I feel a "Martha Stewart" coming along and so am on the hunt for a waffle maker. Junior isn't usually a cereal/toast/porridge type of girl for breakfast (only by force) we try different things. Some days we fancy savoury..some days we don't. Doesn't matter what she eats, though....she's still very slender. "I was like that at her age.   She's just like me"....I tells son no 2. "Yeah", says he.."just see what she's got to look forward to!!" Hmphhh!!      Still, he must love his old ma and sis 'cos he sent us some chocolate Easter eggs in the post.  He lives down south, you see.  Anyway, the postage cost more than the actual eggs....bless:O))

Tonight is Spa Night. We agreed a sort of timetable ages ago..and, My God...she remembered the nice bits!! So, we will be massaging feet and hands, pedicuring and manicuring this evening. I did have the foresight to buy a little box of chocs (which she has spotted already). We've got grapes, too..but I'm not peeling them. (this is my Mother's doing...."don't eat the don't know where it's been". Sooooo, Junior does not do grape (or tomato) skin).

And, horray.....I found the instruction of use for my camera!! Hopefully your eyesight will be saved from now... no more boggled and unfocused piccies. Got to find my specs I can read the instructions:O)    Such are the joys of growing old!!!

The latest new of Cary..who has just had a tough time and seems destined to not have anyone of her own sort to love:O(( xx

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating:O)   Ours isn't for a few weeks yet.

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