Friday, 21 March 2008


Won't be long now until I'm a granny:O)  

Son no 2 and his partner are very young for this (18 & 20) and so I and mother-to-be's mum worry...alot... as to how they'll manage..but they seem to be looking forward to becoming three and have been buying stuff in preparation.  Son has just started a new full time job, too and so feels a bit happier to have money coming in to provide things of choice and not just necessity:O)  It only seems like yesterday that he was playing with his lego, toy cars, riding his bike and tearing his trousers.  Now he's about to be a parent himself.

They grow up too quickly!!!

I bought my first bits for the baby yesterday.  She's got a couple of months to go and I didn't want to buy anything before because it was too early..... incase.....  OK..I'm superstitious!!  

Anyhow, when I was paying for my items I suddenly felt really emotional.  I very nearly started blubbing as I was paying and walking out of the store.  Well,  little grandchild will be very much loved by granny and I can't wait for that first cuddle:O)   I wonder if baby will have Daddy's red hair?

The parents-to-be want us mums to be there at the birth.  Fat lot of good I'll be,  going on yesterday's antics...I'll probably be the biggest baby there!!  

On the Home Ed front:O)
Boxed French course for Junior.

Fancy little Easter box that Junior made from scratch for me one day last week.

4 weeks old today...and they won't keep still for one second!!!

Meet Roxy...the adventurous one..with Cupcake at the rear:O)

Little Wrigglers:O) The four of them have discovered life out of the nesting box. They scoot and romp around, playing with everything in sight. They won't eat kitten food..have tried it on them but they're not having we're not having to "potty train"...yet! Ah, such fun that'll be:O))

This weekend we are hoping to try our hand at a chocolate and beetroot cake! Gonna have fun trying to veganise that one!!


Grit said...

the chocolate and beetroot cake is on the menu list here too! let us know when you are fully grannied.

Gill said...

Oh wow, congrats in advance of your granny status!