Monday, 24 March 2008

Baby, it's cold INSIDE!

So, this morning.  "Let's see if we can be a little healthier in the food department a la breakfast:O))  All those Easter eggs....tut tut.
What shall we have?  I know....a smoothie".    So,  out with blender and in go all the ingredients.  Luverly, jubberly.  Hands Junior her glassful and off she tootles.  I get mine and  commence to consume the goodies....far too quickly as it happens.    Was very nice!   But...then.....arghhhhhh!!!!!   pain!!!......clutches head in hands!!     Min's got......BRAIN FREEZE!!
(Note to self:-  In future, must remember to take my time when drinking smoothies made with frozen fruit!!)  

1 comment:

Gill said...

LOL! Ooh I've been eating frozen yogurt a lot recently. I quite like brain freeze!