Sunday, 23 March 2008

Dental Work

Spa Night didn't get going!   Nor did my Chocolate and Beetroot cake. 

Junior had headache due to worrying too much about a wobbly tooth which was bleeding a bit..due to lots of fiddling with!!  She felt a bit sick and icky and decided to try and get an early night..and was asleep by 8.45.

So, all day today she has been bothered by this wobbly tooth, which was hanging on by a thread and not letting go!!  I asked if she wanted me to assist in its removal and she declined my kind offer, can you believe:O)?  So she's been driving me POTTY with constant wittering and worrying.

Anyway,  we had an invite to dinner and went to my mother's.  Ate dinner (which was delish), sat and had a natter, did some art and Junior had a final cuddle from her Gran before we departed for home.  Anyway,  Gran is cuddling and rocking Junior.  Junior is STILL prodding her tooth.  So,  Gran "accidentally" hitched Junior further up onto her knee and this co-incided with J prodding that blasted tooth.  Result being one evicted baby tooth:O)  Hooray!!!!    Her appetite has suddenly increased and she has more than made up for yesterday's lack of:O)

Toothless child came home considerably richer (twelve quid!!  £2 for the tooth and the rest instead of a sugar-laden Easter egg!)  Oh, to be young again:O)

Now she's wittering about the big hole it's left!     Arghhhhhhhhh!!!

She's writing her diary as I type.  It has all the gory details of the tooth eviction!!  lol 


Grit said...

we still haven't got round to the recipe either ... but today i have printed off a version, so things are looking good.

blimey, teeth round your way are a good earner, aren't they? it's almost worth coming round and knocking out my own teeth for that reward.

Minnie said...

Yes, two quid for a tooth!! Gran pays well:O)

Can't knock anymore of mine out....else I'll be on the pureed stuff for life!

Going to try and make the cake on Thursday morning. I will have a visitor on that day so can offer up my culinary experiment, although it is brother in law...and he'll eat anything.