Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Birthday and Illness

Everyone in our family seems to be ill.  Well, nearly all those on my time line!! 
 Junior has been down with a cold lurgy, now Mother has it (along with half the population of the sheltered housing complex)..with a really bugsome cough.  You know....the "cough and your pelvic floor goes awol" type?  Doctor has prescribed lots of anti-bios for every orifice going it seems, asthma inhalers, the lot.  Her chest hurts with all the coughing and that worries me, given that she has the old ticker problem.  So, lots of walking up and down hill billy land by me to make sure she's ok.
Also, big bro is down, too.  Pneumonia, it seems.  This is what comes of driving a community bus over hill and desolate dale with no bus heater and often no pay at the end of the week, therefore, no heat in house!!!  'Tis a shambles.  The company's contract runs out at the end of this month and, because of their diabolical record, the honest drivers are out without jobs.   Grrrrr!   Don't know how that company gets away with it.  Or the council!!!  A really nice person nearing retirement shouldn't have to put up with all this tosh!!!!!!     So, shall have to oik him down from Yorkshire land and ply him with tlc and soup:O))

Only thing to celebrate, it seems, is big sis's birthday.  It's today.

 Happy Birthday Sis.....Not long for the bus pass now:O))) LOL!

Back to tlc soup recipes:O)))

Charlie kitten

Cupcake kitten:O))

Although kittens are verily cute....they are a pain up the arse at 3am when all they want to do is chase and play.....LOUDLY. Soo, plan for this evening was to knacker the little tinkers out so they will sleep to at least.....5am.... We shall see....or hear!!! They are nearly weaned...well,...they eat Whiskas kitten food. They still like feline milk, though. Anyway, 2 weeks to go before they can be rehomed. You have NO IDEA of the amount of jip I am getting off keeping them ALL!!!! She will pay for their upkeep, with all 5 quid of her pocket money!! Don't think so, matey!!! Although, they ARE quite cute:)))

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