Thursday, 27 March 2008

Now you see it, now you don't:O)

We are posh!!  Woo hoo!
Brother in law brought us a computer cabinet, amongst other things when he visited yesterday.. so now all things computery can be shut away, out of sight, in a second.  So, living room does not always have to look like a school room/library/tip all the time:O)  Only downside is that the mac was previously on the table...and I was able to use it and sit against the radiator and keep back end and feet warm.  Now, if it gets nippy shall have to strap hot water bottle to my back, wear three pairs of socks, mother's Cossack hat and fingerless gloves:O)

Now you see it!

Now you don't!

Can't get away from the pet shop look, though as Fred n Wilma budgerigars have to live atop this unit, but they seem happy..away from most prying mogs.  Saying that...found Olive on top of their cage this morning.  She likes to lay on top and look in:O)    I could hear all was not well in the budgie safety department as some loud "complaining" was going on and so had to vacate my nice relaxing bath to go down and evict Olive from her cage-top perch!!   This was not a pretty sight and a good job the curtains were drawn!!   Lots of  **!!&$$$$$@@@@!!!  going on, too!!   So, don't know how I'm going to keep the little blighter away from the our feathery friends...I shall have to dream up some diversionary tactics....(hmmm..electric cat prodder comes to mind but think I might have to settle on a water pistol!!)

BIL took us out for a run around hill billy land.  Must say, again, that the countryside around here is really beautiful, as are all national parks, I suppose. Some lovely properties, too. Bet they cost a packet to buy.

Junior has just done a quiz on me and apparently, I'm a writer and she's an actress:O)  And, no. I'm not tempted to alter that to drama queen, 'cos she's not...normally:O) lol

I finished some up-market dishcloths which are about to be despatched to family members for "road testing".  Any criticism will be of the "no holds barred" type as I might add these to my little business empire..once it gets up and running:O)  Junior has got into the spirit of things, too and has asked if I'll teach her how to crochet, so she can make things herself.  Atta girl:O))  This might take a while, though, as she's getting a bit temperamental/frustrated 'cos she can't get it right first time and is a bit of a perfectionist.  Maybe I spoke too soon about the drama queen thing!

Posh dishcloths

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